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Maximize your ministry’s influence:

Harness the power of The Discipleship Accelerator  

Discipleship holds immense significance within the church, yet it can be quite demanding for a staff already pressed for time.


With the Ampersand discipleship program, your sermon content is transformed into captivating and enlightening daily devotions that actively engage your audience, expand your reach, and foster a Gospel-centered understanding for your readers.

The Process

Entertainer on Stage


We take your weekly sermon content and create 7 devotions – one for each day of the week to help you engage your congregation, 365 days a year.  

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We create an integration with your current marketing channels. We place daily devotions on your website, then create a feed that automatically populates in your email program and/or mobile app. 

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Expand your reach with free money for ads. Send hundreds to thousands of new visitors to your website each month utilizing the Google Grant.  

Google Grant...Explained

The Google Grant presents a remarkable chance for eligible non-profits to unlock up to $10,000 in complimentary Google digital advertising every month. With Ampersand's dedicated Google Grant expert by your side, we will ensure the successful acquisition and seamless management of this invaluable grant for your organization.



AI-Assisted Program

  • Create 300-400 daily devotions using AI tools. (Our copywriter will edit and revise as necessary.)

  • Post devotions to ministry website.

  • Develop and manage RSS feed.

  • Apply for and manage Google Grant.

$x,xxx per Month


Standard Program

  • Create 300-400 daily devotions using our copywriter.

  • Post devotions to ministry website.

  • Develop and manage RSS feed.

  • Apply for and manage Google Grant.

$x,xxx per Month

Pricing Options

Prices quotes can be reduced up to 25% with multi-year commitment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)...Explained

Ampersand harnesses the incredible power of Custom GPT, allowing you to tap into the potential of your past sermon transcripts. By loading them into our AI tool, they become the foundation for our AI engine to create fresh, new content. In other words, it's like having AI assistance that captures your unique "voice" as established by your very own sermon archive.

Success Stories

Case Study

Broadcast Ministry Client

In April 2023, Ampersand began collaborating with a broadcast ministry client who recently joined the Google Grant program, and their achievements have been remarkable:

  • During the month of July alone, the ministry website attracted a total of 7,148 new users.

  • Across all Google Ads, this ministry achieved an impressive click-through-rate of 13.34% in July.

  • Since the grant's inception in April 2023, the ministry has received over $20,000 worth of free advertising.

Moving forward, Ampersand will continuously introduce new ad groups to the Google Ad campaign, creating more opportunities for online searchers to discover the valuable content on the client's website.

With an engaging website and compelling content, there is a golden opportunity to convert these new visitors into dedicated email subscribers, returning visitors, and, hopefully, enthusiastic volunteers and generous donors.

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