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Grow Your Audience


Subsplash Implementation

Using the Subsplash platform, we create and design a turn-key app for your ministry and register it with all of the app stores. We take care of everything so you don’t have to.  

Sermon Viewing Guides

Sermon viewing guides are great resources to accompany each sermon that is broadcasted digitally online. Each viewing guide typically includes the title of the corresponding message, a key passage of Scripture, summaries of key points, questions for the viewer to answer after the message, and space for note-taking.  

Devotional Writing

Daily devotionals are one of the most popular services we offer, as they allow you to connect with your church members and online viewers on a daily basis. Devotionals are usually between 300-400 words in length and are written based on content from previous sermons.  

Discipleship Engagement

Using previously written content such as the daily devotionals, we will allow you to further disciple your congregants via website posts and emails. This allows you to have a daily check-in with your congregants and help them get into the Word every day.  

Bible Teaching Letter

A bible teaching letter is a written resource we provide once a month that dives deeper into the content of one of your previous sermons. It is usually between 800-1000 words in length and includes multiple key points and Scripture references. We typically distribute these letters digitally to your website and email list, but they can also be distributed via mail as well.   

Google Grant

The Google Grant is the 10k dollars of free ad space google gives non-profits. Ampersand will run these google ads corresponding with events and messages going on at the church in order to drive traffic to the website and ultimately get more faces in the door. This is extremely effective in getting more people connected with the church. 

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