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Broadcast Ministries We Work With

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Broadcast Ministry (Digital or TV)

If you’re looking to extend the reach of your preaching content, we can help you broadcast your content to a wider audience, whether that be on various TV networks or a number of different digital/online platforms.  

Content Capture And Editing

We will work to educate your production crew on how to best capture your sermon in your location, including coaching on video, audio, lighting, hardware, and more. We also edit captured video and audio files to make sure they are ready for broadcast.  

Motion Graphics

We create individually branded graphics layered over your broadcast video files, including openers and closers, lower thirds, logos, etc.  

Blog Writing

If you have a blog targeting a specific audience or covering a specialized topic, we can provide blog posts to fit your vision.  

Content Distribution

We take care of distributing all of your video content consistently across all platforms including, YouTube, social networks, your mobile app, and TV networks.  

Donor Engagement Growth 

In order to grow your donor base, we build funnels to gather new names and email addresses. We cultivate donors through various email series, as well as promote free resources and giveaways in order to engage viewers and encourage them to ultimately donate to your ministry. 

Social Media Development

We can take care of all things social media including posting, running feeds, helping with engagement, and more. 

Organization of Tours to the Holy Land, Greece, and Other Destinations

If you are interested in taking a group to tour biblically significant destinations across the globe, we can help organize and advertise these trips to allow you to connect further with church members, viewers, and donors.  

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