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We Help Pastors, Churches, Non-Profits, and Content Creators

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What We Do

The Ampersand Company helps pastors, churches, non-profits, and content creators expand messaging, improve efficiency, and grow viewers, subscribers, and donors. Our experience includes working with start-up clients and established organizations. No matter where you are on your journey, we can help!

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Products & Services

Our products and services are designed to be a la carte. Our goal is to provide your organization with the services you need to succeed right now.

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Accelerate Your Content

It all starts with your message. Once delivered to your congregation, Ampersand will take your sermon transcript (or create one from the audio or video file) and our outstanding copywriters will develop daily devotions to place on your website each day. Ampersand will accelerate the reach of the devotions by utilizing the benefits of a Google Grant.

Maximize Your Influence

Starting with your delivered video or audio content, Ampersand will create a professional broadcast episode using our talented, highly-experienced video editors. Episodes can be created in varying lengths depending on your unique needs. Captioning, airtime purchases, and network distribution are also available through Ampersand.

Amplify Your Message

Taking your episode, Ampersand will distribute your content to a wide audience through a custom mobile app, web video player, TV streaming apps (Roku, AppleTV, and Amazon Fire), and social media. Additionally, Ampersand can manage your social media advertising in an effort to grow the audience size and viewing minutes of each piece of content.

Expedite Your Marketing

Ampersand recognizes the key to growth is attracting new people to connect to the mission of your organization. Using cutting edge marketing tools--such as Hubspot, Mailchimp, Zapier, and others--Ampersand attracts new names into the marketing funnel and cultivates those new connections into donors.

Boost Your Efficiency

From creating the legal documents to form your non-profit to managing the annual IRS report (and all things in between), Ampersand can maximize your efficiency by running your back-office accounting, finance, and donor support.

Contact Us

The Ampersand Company is located at:

9876 Main Street Suite 110
Woodstock, GA 30188

P: (678) 960-8790

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