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Ampersand + Send Network

Ampersand provides three options to Send Network Church Planters with Send Network covering the year 1 cost in full. See the details below.

Work Desk

Mobile App + Website

With the Subsplash platform, Ampersand is excited to create a dynamic mobile app and website tailored for your new church. Enjoy top-notch video delivery, a secure giving portal, seamless small group connections, easy child check-in, and more exciting features.

Accounting Services

Ampersand offers comprehensive accounting, finance, payroll, and reporting solutions tailored for churches, ministries, and non-profits of any scale. Our platform is strategically crafted to streamline "back-office" responsibilities, allowing you to dedicate your time and energy to your ministry's mission.


Google Grant

Google offers up to $10,000 of complimentary digital advertising per month to authorized non-profits. Ampersand offers comprehensive management services to assist your new church in securing the grant and ensuring the required click-through-rate to keep the grant active.

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